Professor Michel Godin -- Group Leader
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
PhD, MSc, BSc; McGill University
Dr. Ali Najafi Sohi -- Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD; University of Waterloo
MEng, BEng; Sharif University of Technology

"Integrated nanopore sensors in microfluidic devices"
Dr. Ainara Benavente-Babace -- Postdoctoral Fellow
BSc, MSc, PhD; University of Navara
"Encapsulation of single stem cells"

Eric Beamish -- PhD Student - Physics
NSERC PGS D Fellowship
MSc, BSc; University of Ottawa
"Nanopore-based multiplexed protein detection"
Sophie Chagnon-Lessard -- PhD Student - Physics
NSERC PGS D Fellowship
MSc; University of Guelph
BSc; Université Laval
"Cellular dynamics in response to anisotropic strain"
Co-Supervised with Prof. Andrew E. Pelling
Adefami Adeyemi -- MASc Student - Biomedical Engineering
BEng; Carleton University
"Encapsulation of single stem cells"
Rushi Panchal -- MASc Student - Biomedical Engineering
BSc; University of Cincinnati
"Encapsulation of single stem cells"


Radin Tahvildari, PhD (Integrated nanopore sensors in microfluidic arrays for single-molecule detection)

Veronika Cencen, MASc (Transfection of mammalian cells using adjustable shear stress)

Weyang Jing, MSc (Microfluidic volume sensor for single-cell growth measurements)

Dr. Kristina Haase, Postdoctoral fellow (Encapsulation of single stem cells)

Louise Munro, Co-op (Encapsulation of single stem cells)

Maël Chow-Cloutier, Co-op (On-chip stretchable device for cell study)

Keith Dennis Lulow, Co-op (On-chip stretchable device for cell study)

Dr. Benjamin Watts, Postdoctoral fellow (Microfab facility manager)

Nicolas Catafard, MSc (Cell encapsulation in agarose microcapsules using a microfluidic device)

Daniel Sigouin, Co-op (Sorting encapsulated single cells using dielectrophoresis)

Shuo Han, Co-op (Control electrical and fluidical access in microfluidic device using pneumatic valves)

Desola Olurotimi Odedina, Co-op (Developing nanopore sensor in microfluidic devices)

Jason Riodon, PhD (Single cell studies with on-chip microfluidic volume sensors)

Matias Calderini, Co-op (Controlled Trapping bacteria in microfluidic channel)

Michael Nash, Co-op (Sorting particles and cells using a microfluidic volume sensor)

Jeremie Gaudreau, Co-op (Encapsulation of Single cells into monodisperse picoliter drops)

Dr. Maryam Mirzaei, Postdoctoral fellow (On-chip stretchable decive for morophological cell study)

Dylan Stone, Co-op (Developing cell sorting microfluidic channels)

Gabriel Dupras, Co-op (Developing integrated microfluidic channels)

Andrew Todd, Co-op (Separating particles by size using field flow fractionation)

Laurent Gagné-Dumais, Honours student (Gravitational Field Flow Fractionation, transition between modes)

Jeremie Harris, Co-op (Multiplexed protein detection for disease diagnostics using nanopores)

Alan Manning, Co-op (Fluid and particle analysis at the microscale using a microfluidic mass sensor)

Noam Lightstone, Co-op (Microfludic device for separating particles by size)

Ian Jardine, Co-op (Single molecule detection using nanopores)

Chloé Promsy, Co-op (Optofluidic microscopy and on-chip microfluidic sample manipulation)

Jeff Salvail, Co-op (Mass sensing using a suspended microchannel resonator and microfluidic volume sensor)

Dominique Laniel, Co-op (Mass sensor integration and control)

Eric Hoogkamp, Co-op (On-chip Coulter-based volume sensing)