Department of Physics

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biomedical Engineering (OCIBME)

The Godin laboratory is part of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Nanophysics, home to several experimental biophysics laboratories.

Our laboratory develops new sensing technologies for the detection of biological material, from biomolecules (proteins, DNA, …), to viruses, bacteria and larger cells.  By manipulating and analyzing biological samples within microfluidic and nanofluidic environments, it is possible to address some of the limitations imposed by conventional techniques used in the diagnosis of disease, in rare cell detection (cancer) and in environmental monitoring. While driven by these applications, our research also enables new quantitative measurement capabilities which provide unique insight into the biological world.

Motivated undergraduate and graduate students interested in multidisciplinary research are highly recommended to join the Godin Lab! We host students from the faculties of Science and Engineering. Graduate programmes include masters and doctorates in Physics (MSc and PhD), Mechanical Engineering (MASc, MEng and PhD) and Biomedical Engineering (MASc).
Please see the 'Opportunities' page for details and to get in touch with me.

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