Small-scale fluidics and biomedical technologies

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Department of Physics
Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Biomedical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

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The Godin Laboratory
seeks to develop new micro- and nano-technologies that exploit small-scale fluidic phenomena in biosensing and biomedical applications. With expertise in microfluidics, nanofluidics, microfabrication, nanopore sensing, single-molecular biophysics and biomedical engineering, we motivate microfluidic technology development by addressing unmet needs in a variety of areas including disease diagnostics, regenerative medicine, food/water safety, and fundamental cell biology. 


Microfluidic encapsulation of cells! Our microfluidic platform is capable is high-thoughput encapsulation of therapeutic cells. By encapsulating therapeutic cells such as stem cells in certain hydrogels, we can significantly improve cell engraftment and persistence in the targetted tissue. Our microfluidic platforms have been deployed in hospitals to validate their efficacies in producing cell products for  in-vivo experimentation.

MIchel Godin Laboratory - Microfluidic encapsulation of cells
Michel Godin Laboratory - Encapsulated Cells in Hydrogels

Cell-Biomaterial interactions! Novel biomaterials are designed and used to encapsulation cells in order to enhance cell function in certain therapeutic applications. A fundamental understanding of these interactions is allowing us to propose new avenues for improving cell-based therapies.

Independently-addressable array of nanopore sensors integrated in a microfluidic device! 
Nanopores are molecular sensors with single-molecule sensitivities. Their integration within microfluidic networks makes it possible to purifiy and pre-concentrate a biomolecular sample prior to analysis with the nanopore.

Michel Godin Laboratory - Nanopore sensor array in microfluidic device
Michel Godin Laboratory - miRNA sensing with nanopores

Disease diagnostics with nanopore!
We design DNA-based molecule constructs that allow us to accurately detect disease biomarkers using nanopore sensors. In this example, we demonstrate the detection and quantification of microRNA as a biomarker for cancer.

Michel Godin Laboratory  - 3D Microtissue stretcher

A device made in our cleanroom, designed to stetch 3D microtissues! The way cells are stretched when assembled in tissue affects their elastic properties. Shown here are two microstretchers out of an array of about 50 more.

The invasiveness of cancer cells is modulated by the dynamics of mechanical stretching! Our microfluidic device is used to study how cancer cells are excluded from healthy tissue or how they become successful at invading a monolayer of healthy cells depending on mechanical strain.  

Michel Godin Laboratory  - Microfluidic cell stretcher

Lab Members

Michel Godin Laboratory  - Michel Godin

Prof Michel Godin

Group Leader

Michel Godin Laboratory - Simon Chewchuk

Dr. Simon Chewchuk

Postdoctoral Fellow

Michel Godin Laboratory - Juliana Chawich

Dr. Juliana Chawich

Postdoctoral Fellow

Michel Godin Laboratory - Zachary Morris

Zachary Morris

M.Sc. Candidate

Michel Godin Laboratory - Nicholas Soucy

Nicholas Soucy

PhD Candidate

Michel Godin Laboratory - Mathieu Bossé

Mathieu Bossé

Undergraduate Assistant

Michel Godin Laboratory - Cole Gavin

Cole Gavin

COOP Researcher


  • Sarah Konermann, COOP Researcher
  • Matthieu Babineau, COOP Researcher
  • Radin Tahvildari, Research Associate
  • Kaitie Kean, PhD Candidate
    "Quantitiative Nanopore Sensing within Microfluidics"
  • Nube Torres, Undergraduate COOP student
  • Dr. Ali Najafi Sohi, Postdoctoral Fellow
    "Nanopore sensing within microfluidic networks"
  • Dr. Reza Khanbabaie Shoub, Research Associate
    "Microfluidic networks with Nanopore Sensors"
  • Karan Dhingra, MASc
    "Manipulation and Sorting of Cell-Laden Hydrogel Microcapsules within Microfluidic Environments"
  • Adefemi Adeyemi, MASc 
    "Microfluidic Devices for the Characterization and Manipulation of Encapsulated Cells in Agarose Microcapsules using Dielectrophoresis and Electrophoresis"
  • Rushi Panchal, MASc 
    "Tracking Egress of Doubly Encapsulated Cells"
  • Enas Osman, MASc 
    "Integration of Droplet Microfluidics with a Nanopore Sensor"
  • Alexandra Demers, NSERC USRA
  • Kiran Naidoo-Edwardson, Coop
  • Irène Nagle, Master - ESPCI exchange
  • Mohamed Elessar
  • Radin Tahvildari, PhD
    "Integrated nanopore sensors in microfluidic arrays for single-molecule detection"
  • Veronika Cencen, MASc
    "Transfection of mammalian cells using adjustable shear stress"
  • Weyang Jing, MSc
    "Microfluidic volume sensor for single-cell growth measurements"
  • Dr. Kristina Haase, Postdoctoral fellow
    "Encapsulation of single stem cells"
  • Louise Munro, Co-op
    "Cell Encapsulation Platform Design"
  • Maël Chow-Cloutier, Co-op
    "On-chip stretchable device for cell study"
  • Keith Dennis Lulow, Co-op
    "On-chip stretchable device for cell study"
  • Dr. Benjamin Watts, Postdoctoral fellow
    "Microfab facility manager"
  • Nicolas Catafard, MSc
    "Cell encapsulation in agarose microcapsules using a microfluidic device"
  • Daniel Sigouin, Co-op
    "Sorting encapsulated single cells using dielectrophoresis"
  • Shuo Han, Co-op
    "Control electrical and fluidical access in microfluidic device using pneumatic valves" 
  • Desola Olurotimi Odedina, Co-op
    "Developing nanopore sensor in microfluidic devices" 
  • Jason Riodon, PhD
    "Single cell studies with on-chip microfluidic volume sensors" 
  • Matias Calderini, Co-op
    "Controlled Trapping bacteria in microfluidic channel"
  • Michael Nash, Co-op
    "Sorting particles and cells using a microfluidic volume sensor" 
  • Jeremie Gaudreau, Co-op
    "Encapsulation of Single cells into monodisperse picoliter drops" 
  • Dr. Maryam Mirzaei, Postdoctoral fellow
    "On-chip stretchable decive for morophological cell study" 
  • Dylan Stone, Co-op
    "Developing cell sorting microfluidic channels" 
  • Gabriel Dupras, Co-op
    "Developing integrated microfluidic channels" 
  • Andrew Todd, Co-op
    "Separating particles by size using field flow fractionation" 
  • Laurent Gagné-Dumais, Honours student
    "Gravitational Field Flow Fractionation, transition between modes" 
  • Jeremie Harris, Co-op
    "Multiplexed protein detection for disease diagnostics using nanopores" 
  • Alan Manning, Co-op
    "Fluid and particle analysis at the microscale using a microfluidic mass sensor" 
  • Noam Lightstone, Co-op
    "Microfludic device for separating particles by size" 
  • Ian Jardine, Co-op
    "Single molecule detection using nanopores" 
  • Chloé Promsy, Co-op
    "Optofluidic microscopy and on-chip microfluidic sample manipulation" 
  • Jeff Salvail, Co-op
    "Mass sensing using a suspended microchannel resonator and microfluidic volume
  • Dominique Laniel, Co-op
    "Mass sensor integration and control" 
  • Eric Hoogkamp, Co-op
    "On-chip Coulter-based volume sensing"

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Department of Physics
Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

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