Microfabrication Facilities in the Godin Lab

The Godin laboratory houses a 250 sq-ft class 1000 cleanroom with basic microfabrication infrastructure. These facilites allow us to use photolithography for fabricating prototypical microdevices. We specialize in microfluidics and regularly use soft lithography to create PDMS microdevices. This microfabrication facility is part of the uOttawa Biophysics B3 Core. The cleanroom houses:

  • OAI DUV/NUV mask aligner (model 206) (RESERVE)
  • Laurell Spin Coater (RESERVE)
  • Glowresearch Autoglow Oxygen Plasma System (10-300 Watt) (RESERVE)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition System
  • Fumehood
  • Stereoscope for sample inspection
  • Oven, hotplates and other basic tools

Access and use of these facilities must be approved by contacting Michel Godin. Outside users should inquire about possible fees to cover maintenance, consumables and gowning. These fees can be negotiated or waived depending on the nature of the collaboration.

Prior to gaining access, users must be trained for safety and procedures. An approved users list is maintained. Lab safety should always be taken seriously. It is highly recommended that all users understand and manage the risks involved with the work you are performing. The key to safe and productive work is continuous learning: read and understand the data sheets and any other information relevant to the chemicals and devices you are using.

The General Lab Protocols can be found here.

Click on the "Reserve" link next to the equipment you'd like to use to schedule usage. This will lead you to the appropriate calendar below. You must have a GMail account and be approved to add reservations to these calendars. You will need to send your GMail address to Michel Godin be able to make reservations. To reserve a timeslot, you must click on the "+ Google Calendar" button at the bottom right of the relevant calendar below. This will lead you to your own Google Calendar account where you can create the reservation event. Be mindful to add your reservations to the right calendar (for the equipment you want).

Important notice: No reservation = No permission to work with any equipment in the cleanroom.

Reservation Calendars for various equipment: