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We have new funding for fully-paid opportunities to work in our lab!


Microfluidic technologies and cell-hydrogel interactions to enhance cell-based therapies
         -Graduate Student 

 Nanopore sensors for disease diagnostics at ultra-low biomarker concentrations
         -Postdoctoral Fellow (Description)
         -Graduate Student

In addition to the above-mentioned opportunities, I encourage motivated undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral associates interested in multidisciplinary research to join the Godin Lab! We host students from the Faculties of Science and Engineering.

(Click this link to contact me about these opportunities): 

Our multidisciplinary research attracts students from many different programs

Learn more about our various programs:

>> Undergraduate research assistants (physics, chemistry, biology,engineering) and COOP students (paid OR volunteer)
>> Masters Students (MSc in physics or MASc in Biomedical Engineering or MASC in Mechanical Eng.)
>> Doctoral Students (PhD in physics; PhD in BIomedical Engineering; PhD in Mechanical Eng.)
>> Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF)


Before submitting an official application to our graduate program, use the form above to communicate with Prof. Godin with your interest in joining our lab. 

On the form, please include the following:

1. A cover letter that includes a brief statement of interest (<500 words) discussing why you are interested in joining the lab. Be as specific as possible! The cover letter should also indicate whether you hold, have applied or plan to apply for any external or internal funding or fellowships (e.g., NSERC, CIHR, OGS, FRSQ, FQRNT etc.). This applies to all applicants regardless of your level of studies. You should also specify if you qualify for the scholarship for francophones.

2. A recent and detailed CV. You CV should include a summary of your academic results (GPA).

3. A recent copy of your transcripts (grades). (This does not need to be a "certified" copy at this stage.)


Our group members are fully paid and some students are eligible for our automatic admission scholarship which typically covers all tuition fees!
Find out about the various scholarships available to graduate students, including the automatic admissions scholarship


FRANCOPHONES: L'université d'Ottawa est bilingue! 

Si vous êtes francophones, n’hésitez pas de communiquer avec moi en français! Vous pouvez même profiter de bourses offertes seulement aux francophones!

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